Clash Of Clans

Introducing Clash Of Clans Bot, Automatically collect gold & elixir, train troops, attack bases, make custom attacks. Automatic updating, no need to go to a website and see if an update is available. Just sign up for Vip and get a 3 day demo. To use, you need to install BlueStacks App Player, it's an android emulator for PC. It's free to download and use.

Limited time deal, the first 250 people to sign up for Vip and buy a membership gets the first month for just $1.99, limit 1 month per customer at $1.99. Upon purchase you get instant activation, no waiting for a key to be emailed to you.

Your purchase is good for activation on 2 PC. Go ahead and share with a friend if you like. Refer a friend that ends up buying membership and get a week added to your Vip, when they enter your Vip email as a referral upon signup.

Try out the free 3 day demo by following the following link.
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Email us at to get in on the beta.

Mafia Mofo

Introducing My Mofo Master, designed to level up and train your Mafia Mofo account, you can expect to go from level 1 to 500 in under a week, your welcome to run as many accounts as you like with this bot. Purchase of VIP membership grants you activation on 2 pc's at any given time. At a price of just $3.85 a month!! Just load up the software, login to your vip and mofo account's and start it.

This program will automatically travel to DT and SI to get all 8 of your daily refills, does jail breaks, kidnaps, arrests, automatically switches gear for you to do the option you select. You can set it to train your mofo account on the weakest area each time to keep the stat's even or just select the training you want done.

Try out the free 3 day demo by following the following link.
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Q. "How long after paying will it take before I can use the program?"
A. Your activation is instant when paying with Paypal. transaction is automatically processed, once you make payment you can start using program right away!

Q. "I got a new computer and lost the program, how do I get it back?"
A. Within the software is an option to replace your previous activation. Just login to your Vip account and click on replace and you new computer will be activated.

Contact Us

Have any questions, want to report a bug? Feel free to contact me by email at